Google Cardboard Turns your Android Phone into a DIY Virtual Reality Headset

At its annual I/O developers conference, Google unveiled an app that lets Android users transform their phones into VR headsets with the help of a DIY cardboard viewer. Created by Google's David Coz and Damien Henry, the viewer slides together like a pizza box and includes a pair of lenses, two types of magnets, velcro and a rubber band. Gizmodo’s Brent Rose explains how it works,"You hold the box up to your face, and suddenly you’re looking at a horizontal row of applications. To scroll back and forth, you just turn your head. Oh and you see that little washer that’s held to the side? That’s how you click on things! You slide it down in its little cardboard slot and it pops back up. It feels like a old school view-finder."

 Find out more about the project here.

via [Gizmodo]