Pharmaceuticals Covered with Crystals are Transformed into Luxury Goods for Display

In her latest project titled "Coming Out of the Medicine Cabinet", Somerville, MA-based artist Judith G. Klausner (previously), uses Swarovski crystals and discarded pharmaceutical containers and packaging materials to create sculptures that address the concept of healthcare as the next luxury brand. Via her website,"In a country where (despite a long and protracted political battle) many of our citizens still don’t have access to affordable medical care, our medications are often a major expense. Individual pills can cost as much as precious gems. And yet, far from being displayed as symbols of social status, or even regarded as neutral, these expensive (and vital) objects are shut away with embarrassment behind medicine cabinet doors and hastily taken in private."

Find out more about Judith Klausner's work here.

via [My Amp Goes to 11]