Photographer Captures the Psychedelic Patterns of Abandoned Russian Salt Mines

Russian photographer Mikhail Mishainik recently managed to capture the incredible psychedelic patterns that cover the walls of an abandoned salt mine hundreds of feet below the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. The swirling colors are caused by the mineral carnallite - a source of magnesium which is mainly used as crop fertiliser. Mishainik spent over 20 hours exploring the dark labyrinth, facing the risk of gas leaks and landslides ."The mines are huge and stretch many kilometres in width and length, a single tunnel can be over four miles long," Mishainik told the Daily Mail. "It is hard to describe how it feels being so far down, you lose all track of time and the air is very dry, you always feel thirsty."

via [HUH Magazine] via [ The Daily Mail]