Photographer Gathers Footballs Washed Up on Beaches to Create Visually Stunning Images

For her latest project titled "Penalty", UK based photographer Mandy Barker, used mass collections of footballs to create a series of images designed to raise awareness about marine pollution at the time of the World Cup. The recovered footballs were collected from 41 different countries and islands around the world, from 144 different beaches and by 89 members of the public in just 4 months. Via The Guardian, "The balls were photographed as they were found, unwashed and unaltered, some containing seawater, others drained. Some were home to creatures, including a shrew, an ants' nest and a family of crabs, while others showed signs of having been bitten by turtles and fish"

 Find out more about Mandy Barker's work here.

via [designboom] via [The Guardian]