Tharsis Sleeps: The First Frame by Frame Embroidered Music Video Inspired by Metal Band Patches

Dubbed as the first frame-by-frame embroidered music video, "Tharsis Sleeps" is a stunning new video for metal band Throne directed by Nicos Livesey, who also sings and plays guitar in the band. The original inspiration for the video came from denim-clad rockers covered in their favourite band’s patches at heavy metal gigs. After Livesey realised that he could use a Brother embroidery machine like a printer, stitching out each animation frame, he went through a painstaking process to bring the video to life. “I completely ruined any kind of social life,” Livesey says of the creation process. “I haven’t spoken to anyone in the past few months. This is the most ridiculously stupid idea.”

Find out more about the project here.

via [Dazed]