Artist Kyung Woo Han Creates Rorschach Inkblot Tests Out of Plastic Bags

Korean artist Kyung Woo Han creates intriguing works of art that often use optical illusions to illustrate the interpretative nature of perception. For his latest project titled "Plastic Rorschach", Han has assembled a series of boldly graphic Rorschach-like compositions using the simplest of materials - plastc bags. Speaking about his work Han says, “All the facts are relevant. People see what they want to see. One fact can be interpreted in several ways depend on our perceptions. In the opposite, two different facts can be looked the same. My work deals with perception and illusions. Everything we see or what we know is not absolute. I suggest various ways to perceive things with slightly different perspectives.”

Find out more about Kyung Woo Han's work here.

via [The Fox is Black]