Drones Get Creative with Mirror Selfies in This Humorous Photo Series by IOCOSE

Imagining an alternative present in which drones photograph themselves as if they were the smartphone-obsessed youth of today, Italian artist group IOCOSE, created a humorous series of images that captures the (failed) attempt of technology to mimic human behavior. The series titled "Drone Selfies" explores the ubiquitous diffusion of drones and our obsession with photographic self-portraits on the web. In a recent interview with The Creators Project, IOCOSE said, "We imagined drones using their skills and potentialities in different and unusual ways, flying just for the sake of flying and using their built-in camera for trivial purposes. Our drones are definitely presenting their own images, taking photos to create and promote their public image. We cannot really say whether they like themselves. They are not humans, after all."

Find out more about the project here.

via [The Creators Project]