Mosaic Mandalas Made from Found Natural Elements by Matt W. Moore

In June 2014, during a residency with the good folks at Summit on Powder Mountain, Eden, Utah, artist Matt W. Moore created a series of contemplative works that celebrate the native color palette of the landscape. This series of mosaic mandalas were created entirely with elements foraged on the mountain and in the valley : river pebbles and stones, dead branches from aspen trees, bark from evergreens, cattails from the lake’s edge, dried wild grasses from yesteryear, and cut dead branches exposing the rings of the tree’s life. "At first it felt like playing caveman Tetris." says Moore, "Somewhat of a flashback to building block castles I made as a child, but as the configurations evolved to be more complex I very much felt like a graphic artist or bricklayer, every measurement had to be dialed and every pebble or twig needed to be carefully placed."

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