Photographer Travels Four Continents to Document People Carrying Burdens on Top of Their Heads

Fascinated by the way people in remote communities in India, Indonesia, and Bolivia seem to carry all their belongings on their head, photographer Floriane de Lassée has created a playful series of images reflecting the true life of people. The ongoing project titled "How Much Can You Carry ?" is a tribute to the bearers of life; those people that like ants with impeccable balance carry wooden mountains, tins of water and food, the harvest of the fields. "This series can be read on two levels" de Lassée explains, "The first refers to these modern caryatids; the second, more secret, talks about various weights we all carry, whether physical or psychological (the weight of tradition, education, family, etc.)."

Find out more about Floriane De Lassée's work here.

via [LensCulture]  via [DesignTaxi]