Artist Documents Random Objects Rescued from Her Curious Son's Mouth

Lenka Clayton's "63 Objects Taken From My Son's Mouth" is an art project documenting a collection of random objects taken from her infant son's mouth from age 8 - 15 months. The collection indirectly documents those months of their lives, and includes currency from three countries, acorns, bolts, bubblegum, buttons a cigarette butt and various odds and ends. Via her website, "A steadfast experiment in combining two seemingly incompatible experiences, the project pushes together the open, autonomous freedom of working as an artist and the often isolating, bound routines of motherhood." Clayton has published a photo book of all 63 objects filled with life-size images of each item.

 Find out more about Lenka Clayton's work here or purchase a copy of her book here.

via [Design Taxi]