Beautiful Images of Glowing Fruits and Vegetables Illuminated from the Within

Romanian photographer Radu Zaciu recently created a series of photographs in which he placed various sized light bulbs inside fruits and vegetables to capture the light glowing from the inside. The idea for the project titled "“The Light Inside”, came from a simple game of words, Zaciu told PetaPixel, “The German word for light bulb is ‘gluehbirne’, which literally means ‘glowing pear’.” His first attempt was literally with a pear, which he photographed as a light bulb. Not every fruit or vegetable transmits the light properly and some need a more powerful light source than others. Zaciu explains, "Carving into the fruit and vegetables needs to be done carefully and not more than necessary to place the light source at the center."

 Visit Radu Zaciu's website for more info.

via [PetaPixel]