Cosmos: Abstract Images of Space Created from the Most Disgusting Things on Earth

Fascinated with the fusion of art and science, photographer Marcus DeSieno created a series of colorful abstract photos using invisible microscopic bacteria grown onto photographic film of appropriated images from the far reaches of outer space. The bacteria are swabbed from restaurants and hotels, as well as television remotes, iPhones, and even his own body. A layer of chemistry is then applied to the surface of photographic film to act as a breeding ground for the bacteria. DeSieno says, "As the bacteria grow and multiply, they interact with the film, altering it, stripping away color layers, and slowly disintegrating the archaic media into an unpredictable abstraction of color and texture."

Image Above: Photo of a Barred Lenticular Galaxy Eaten by Bacteria Found in the Belly Button.

Photo of a Star Cluster Eaten by Bacteria Found on My iPhone’s Screen.

Photo of the Whirlpool Galaxy Eaten by Bacteria Found in a Motel’s Hot Tub.

Photo of an Elliptical Galaxy Eaten by Bacteria Found on a Toilet Seat.

Photo of the Trumpler 17 Region Eaten by Bacteria Found in a Trombone’s Mouthpiece.

Photo of the Crab Nebula Eaten by Bacteria Found on a Table at a Red Lobster Restaurant.

Visit Marcus DeSieno's site for more info.

via [Slate]