Designer Lisa Louwers Turns Unwanted Fur Coats into Stuffed Toy Animals

A project by Dutch costume designer Lisa Louwers, "Refurbeasts" turns unwanted fur coats found in thrift stores, flea markets and antiques shops into soft toys as a tribute to the animals that gave their coats.  A rabbit fur coat becomes a rabbit and a mink coat becomes a mink. The coat's shape and size determines how big the toy animal will be. Each Refurbeast is unique and has patches that shows the craftsmanship and heritage of what it used to be. "I was looking for a bridge between repurposing old fur coats because of the taboo on fur and the emotional value they often represent," Louwers told Dezeen. "Getting the fur coat out of the attic back into the living room."

Find out more about the project here or visit her Etsy shop.

via [Dezeen]