Photographer Dad Captures His Son's View of New York City from Inside a Stroller

While visiting New York City with his family, photographer Diego Acosta Lopez mounted a GoPro camera in the rear of his son's stroller and set it to take a photo every 10 minutes to capture the toddler's point of view. The series of images aptly titled "Stroller", gives us an intriguing low-angle perspective of the city bursting with light, action and texture, not to mention the occasional appearance of little feet. “The first place we went was Times Square because to me it is supericonic” Mr. Acosta told the The New York Times, “The people, the light, everything. Even with all the congestion of people, he had this unique space to himself inside the stroller where he could not be bothered.”

Visit Diego Acosta Lopez' website for more info.

via [New York Times]