Artist Veronika Richterová Recycles Plastic Bottles into Ornate Chandeliers

Using ingenuity and incredible craftsmanship, Czech sculptor, Veronika Richterová, creates beautifully ornate chandeliers out of discarded plastic bottles. Fascinated with the transparency and malleability of the material, Richterová cuts the plastic bottles into pieces and uses the parts to create new forms that transform the original material from plastic trash into stunning light objects. "Bottles made from PET and especially from PE are very inspiring for me thanks to their light quality, which is close to glass characteristics." She says, That‘s why I started to create chandeliers and lamps. I use this material for developing light designs for my limited editions."

Visit Veronika Richterová's website for more info.

via [Lustik]

Photos: Michal Cihlář