Beautiful Wallpaper Patterns Created from Liver Cells Infected with Smallpox Vaccine

In an attempt to stem the spread of unhealthy attitudes toward science, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently sponsored the creation of 38 works of art, to educate people about the power of vaccines. One of the works, "Flowers", by Vik Muniz (previously) and Tal Danino, features a print which resembles floral wallpaper, but is actually a microscopic pattern of liver cells infected with a smallpox vaccine virus. After infection, the virus turns the cells a reddish color which allows scientists to visualise infection. “I always work with scientists because I think we’re trying to do the same thing,” Muniz says, “It’s a beautiful thing that a vaccine is actually made out of poison. I find this fascinating, it’s poetic.”

Find out more about the project here.

via [Wired]  via [Nag on the Lake]