Full Stop: A Life Size Artist's Studio Installation Constructed Entirely Out of Cardboard

Tom Burckhardt's "FULL STOP" is a full-scale replica of an artist's studio constructed entirely out of cardboard, black paint, and hot glue. The studio, which was created back in 2004 and has been touring various museums, includes everything from drawing tables, a large canvas and materials, right down to the brushes, paint cans and easels. Describing the installation, Burckhardt said: “This walk-through environment is full of the clutter and paraphernalia of the modern painter, toiling in romantic obscurity against the existential void. Except he/she doesn't seem to be succeeding. A basic lack of ideas has crippled production despite having all the right materials: tools, art supplies, art books, and postcards of the past masters' work at hand."

Visit Tom Burckhardt's website for more info.

via [The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum]