Large Scale Photographs of Landscapes Constructed from Everyday Materials

Artist Shirley Wegner creates large-scale photos of reconstructed landscapes based on her personal experiences of her home country of Israel, using everyday materials like pillow stuffing, paper and felt. Wegner integrates photography, installation, art and site-specific work to create landscapes which seem real, but are actually made of layers of painting, sculpture, and craft-like objects. "From vast explosions, to the smallest gravel stones, each element is made by hand." She explains, "I am interested in the theatre-like quality of the image: the hanging wires, mesh, or staples are purposefully left, creating a disentangled, loose-around-the-edges image, sustained between real and fiction, between a personal and a collective gaze. "

Visit Shirley Wegner's website for more info.

via [Faith is Torment]