Literally Balling: Ornate Stained Glass Basketball Hoops by Victor Solomon

"Literally Balling" is a series of stained-glass backboards, created by artist Victor Solomon in the traditional "Tiffany-Style", featuring bejeweled nets made from dismantled chandeliers and gold chains. The project which is a wry commentary on the opulent lifestyle of professional athletes explores the excesses of modern day sports. Each design required hours of precise labor: from design, to shaping and cutting the glass, to meticulous soldering, gold-plating the rim, hand weaving the customized net, “It started off as a joke,” he says. “But it’s been really fun to learn a craft, that’s tactile. Everyone’s spending all their time on a computer. “

 Find out more about the project here.

via [The Creators Project] via [Greenlabel]