Artist Creates Reverse-Pointillism Landscapes by Using Incense to Burn Tiny Holes in Rice Paper

Korean artist Jihyun Park, uses lit incense sticks to burn thousands of tiny holes in rice paper, creating meticulously detailed artworks ranging from images of clouds to mountains and trees. In the aptly named "Incense Series", the burning of the incense sticks creates emptiness where there once was substance, both in the stick itself and the paper used. At the same time, the emptiness creates space in the paper and empty spaces show new image. Speaking about his work, Jihyun Park says: "It is my hope that the 'moments' I capture of my subjects are ones that are at their most ideal– true utopias. While drawing them with the incense, I am “holding” a split moment of harmony in my hands."

Visit the Drawing Center's website for more info about the artist.
via [My Modern Met]