Illustrator Roger Chouinard Turns Found Objects into Whimsical Illustrations

California-based artist and illustrator Roger Chouinard, has created a fun series of illustrations made from found objects which he has been compiling over the last few years. The project which is part of an artist picture book called "PLAYBOOK Fun with Found Objects", incorporates an array of old , used or discarded objects that he finds along the beach , in back alleys, or from friends who know his devotion to the oddities of life. Chouinard says of his work, "My illustrations usually start with a found object that I turn into an animal, robot, person or something non-representational. For some reason quite a few turn out to be birds. I never really know how they will evolve while I’m working on them, but that’s part of the fun."

Visit Roger Chouinard's website for more info.

via [Lustik]