Photographer Documents the Dizzying Kaleidoscope of China's Largest Marketplace

Fascinated by the variety of inflatable toys, decorations, artificial flowers and, everyday objects that fill China's largest small-commodity wholesale market. photographer Richard John Seymour, shot a series of amazing images documenting Commodity City, a shopper's paradise, located in the city of Yiwu. The project which is part of a larger series by Seymour titled "Consumed," was created in collaboration with the Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic design studio that works to show how distant landscapes connect to the rest of the world. "I tried to see as much as I could in the days that I was there, and became very quickly exhausted by the constant sensory overload," Seymour told CNN. "I spent a total of four days constantly walking around Yiwu and wouldn't say I got near to seeing all of the stalls."

Visit Richard John Seymour's website for more info.

via [Boing Boing]  via [CNN