Temporary Scaffolding Structure Becomes an Art Installation for Memorie Urbane Festival

As part of this year’s edition of the Memorie Urbane street art festival in Gaeta, Italy, Milan-based street artist Fra.Biancoshock, created a new installation titled "24/7", that ironically distorts the concept of "artist-in-residence" and highlights an "intimate" aspect of the urban artist’s life, an apparently fascinating, itinerant and exciting life that involves sacrifices in relationships, friendships and private spaces. The scaffolding, faithful companion of the urban artist, becomes a real home with all the essential necessities required to live in it. The so-called "artist residency" consists in whole days spent on a scaffold, in the rain or under the blazing sun, to leave an artistic contribution to a city and its community.

 Visit Fra.Biancoshock's website for more info.

via [StreetArtNews]

Photos: Flavia Fiengo