The Caryatid: A New Geometric Coin Sculpture by Robert Wechsler

Known for his fascinatingly complex geometric forms made from coins, artist Robert Wechsler (previously), transforms everyday objects into exciting sculptural pieces. For his most recent project, which was created for the group show ‘In __ We Trust: Art and Money’ at the Columbus Museum of Art, Wechsler created a a 6-foot tall column by notching and joining together 15,000 newly minted US shield pennies in a dodecahedral lattice. Called "The Caryatid", the sculpture was inspired by the columns used as decorative supports in ancient Greek architecture. Via his website, "An icon of ancient Greece, a caryatid is a sculpted maiden taking the place of an architectural pillar. She holds the temple roof aloft in an act both servile and godlike."

Visit Robert Wechsler's website for more info.

via [Visual News]