Belly of the Beast: A Site-Specific Installation Made from Recycled Tires

Created by architecture students Matt Ritani and Declan Burn, on a countryside sculpture trail north of Auckland in New Zealand, "Belly of the Beast", is a site-specific installation consisting of a 12-metre-high structure covered in shingles made from used vehicle tires, with a doorway at the base leading inside a small internal space set around a working fireplace. The interior has a redwood bark floor and all interior furnishings are painted red. The structure which was the winning entry in the inaugural Brick Bay Folly contest, will be disassembled after the exhibition period of 12 months and the tires will then be sent to an Auckland based tire shredder and be donated to a local equestrian club and used for the flooring of dressage arenas.

Visit Matt Ritani's website for more info.

via [fubiz] via [Dezeen]