Clever Instagram Chef Turns Junk Food into High End Restaurant Meals

Drawing inspiration from corn dogs, Pop Tarts, Cheetos and other junk food, Instagrammer Chef Jacques LaMerde (which literally translates to 'jack sh--') has created a series of gourmet meals that poke fun at high-end dining. The Instagram account, which has over 28k followers, brilliantly skewers the elaborate plating and small portion sizes of fancy restaurant meals. Not only are the plates visually stunning, but they also come with hilarious image descriptions like, "RU planning on listening to Phil Collins and crying all night? Y not sit at the bar and eat this instead??? Hostess cupcake w/rainbow dunk-a-roos, yogurt raisins, some nibz and Strbucks Mocha Frap caviar, tiny mint and a piece of fancy moss!"

 Visit Chef Jacques LaMerde's Instagram for more info.

via [Visual News] via [Daily Mail]