Photographer Captures Incredible Aerial Shots of Industrial Waste While Paragliding

Shooting from a paraglider, photographer Kasper Kowalski, takes spectacular aerial landscape shots of the chemical plants and copper mines oozing toxins through the Polish landscape. The project titled "Toxic Beauty", documents the stains of human civilisation left on the land , turning the degradation of industrial damage into ethereal visions. “What interest me the most are intersection points of society and nature,” Kowalski says. “It is where interesting things happen: disorder in harmony, emergence of new forms.” 

Image above: Waste water pumped out from the gas-fired Zeran power plant.
Waste from the salt production process of the Inowroclaw Chemical Plant.

Waste from the salt producing process at the Janikowo Sodium Plant.

Waste from the salt production process from Inowroclaw Chemical Plant.

A coal storage depot in the port of Gdansk.
The grounds of a chemical plant producing fertilizers, pigments and ammonia. 

Trees surrounded by industrial tailings near the grounds of a chemical plant.

Visit Kasper Kowalski's website for more info.

via [Nevver] via [Hopes&Fears]