Photographer Teams Up With Haitian Artists to Bring Traditional Tarot Cards to Life

Created in collaboration with a group of Haitian artists called Atis Rezistans (resistant artists), "The Ghetto Tarot" is a photographic interpretation of the traditional tarot deck by award-winning documentary photographer Alice Smeets. The scenes are inspired by the Rider Waite Tarot deck and are replicated in the Haitian slums using only found items that the artists themselves provided for the project. "The spirit of the Ghetto Tarot project is the inspiration to turn negative into positive while playing." Smeets told the Huffington Post, "The group of artists use trash to create art with their own visions that are a reflection of the beauty they see hidden within the waste. They are claiming the word 'Ghetto', thus freeing themselves of its depreciating undertone and turning it into something beautiful."

Find out more about the project here and here.

 via [Huffington Post]