Three Dimensional Trompe-L’oeil Sculptures of Everyday Objects Made of Canvas

Los Angeles-based artist Kaz Oshiro,creates deceptively realistic artworks that at first glance look like mere objects of everyday life, however these are not are mundane objects: they are actually three dimensional trompe-l’oeil paintings, stretched over wooden frames and assembled together to form microwaves, dumpsters, guitar amps and trash cans. The sculptures are part of his new exhibition at Galerie Frank Elbaz in Paris, titled "Diffuses Reflection", a show that reveals the "finesse and precision of the artist’s work and his interest in hyperrealistic sculpture and the technique of “trompe l’œil”.

 Visit Galerie Frank Elbaz' website for more info.

via [Juxtapoz]

Courtesy Galerie Frank Elbaz, photos Bertrand Huet.