Artist Paints Self-Deprecating Phrases on Discarded Items Found on the Street

For her latest project titled "I'm a Piece of Garbage", artist Annica Lydenberg used sign painting, a very traditional medium, to write self-deprecating phrases on discarded objects found on the street. The objects were then photographed by Gui Machado on pristine, bright happy backgrounds to further emphasize the contrast between the dueling aesthetics of trash versus treasure. "I’m a Piece of Garbage truly brought me back to my childhood roots when my folks would peruse the streets for discarded items or furniture for our apartment." Lydenberg says, "In our household, what might have been considered a relatively ok item was admired greatly had it come from the street. I never quite outgrew this habit, now turning trash to treasure through sign painting and photography."

 Find out more about the project here.

via [Quipsologies]

All photos by Gui Machado