Artist Tsibi Geva Wraps Israel's Venice Biennale Pavillion with Used Tires

As part of this year’s 2015 Venice Art Biennale, artist Tsibi Geva wrapped the Israeli pavilion with used tires brought in from Israel, tightly tied to each other to create a grid. The site-specific installation, titled “Archeology of the Present,”, extends over the exterior of the building as well as through its interior, leaving only the entrance exposed. Hadas Maor, curator of the Israeli Pavilion, writes, "The used tires, which are impregnated with a distinct odour, form an organised network of holes imbued with a protective potential, while simultaneously attesting to a state of danger, constituting a powerful material presence, and communicating a charged, urgent visual and political statement," 

Visit Tsibi Geva’s website for more info.

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