Florist Transforms the Walls and Ceilings of an Abandoned House into a Beautiful Flower Garden

As part of an installation planned in October called "Flower House", florist Lisa Waud has filled the walls and ceilings of an abandoned Detroit house with American-grown fresh flowers and living plants. Every surface is lush with color and life. A floral carpet, a wall of foliage, a ceiling dripping with vines. Waud says she came up with the idea for the project after she saw photos of a 2012 Christian Dior fashion show that used a backdrop created from one million flowers. She explains, "I knew I had to create my own house of flowers and invite as many people as possible to experience it with me." Waud hopes that the trial run installation will help promote her crowdfunding campaign.

 Visit the Flower House website for more info.

via [My Modern Met]  via [Bored Panda]

Photos courtesy of Heather Saunders