Foot Soldiers: Extraordinary Photographs of Manhattan Shoe Shiners' Hands

Fascinated by a trade that seem to belong to a bygone era, photographer Christopher Griffith, set out to document the remaining shoe shiners who labor on the streets of NYC, by capturing the main tool of the trade: their hands. Griffith told the NYTimes that he was struck by his subjects’ approach to their work. “Different shiners had completely different techniques,” he said. “There’s water techniques, there’s dry techniques, different textures of the fabric.” But all shoe shiners have one thing in common: the rag, the most disposable and yet the most indispensable tool of their trade. A long strip of fabric that gets twisted around fingers and then back over the flat of the hand, the rag works the polish into the deepest cracks, then buffs it till it gleams."

Visit Christopher Griffith's website for more info.

via [Photojojo] via [NYTimes]