Artist Creates a Recycled Wall Mural Made from Discarded Wooden Planks and Doors

As part of the Mechelen Muurt Project, Belgian painter and sculpturor Stefaan De Croock (aka Strook), recently completed a new mural installation on the side of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium made by piecing together discarded wooden planks, doors and furniture. Titled "Elsewhere", the piece is the result of meticulous scavenging, mindful planning, and skilled construction. “Every recycled sculpture or mural has it own story. In this case, the wall on which I constructed the installation was also an inspiration,” De Croock told My Modern Met. “The melancholic, fragile pose of the figure symbolizes a person in the comfort of his home, where he is truly himself.”

Visit Strook's website for more info.

via [My Modern Met]