Artist Michael Murphy Uses Suspended Spheres to Create the Illusion of a Flat Image

Brooklyn-based artist Michael Murphy (previously), has created a new installation piece which aims to generate discussion around the subject of mass surveillance and data collection. Titled"Perceptual Shift", the sculpture is made from hundreds of suspended spheres which, when viewed from the right angle, create the illusion of a flat graphic halftone image of an eye. "A perceptual shift is a moment that occurs when an individual's interpretation of a particular stimulus suddenly changes." Murphy explains, "When viewing this sculpture, a perceptual shift occurs when a seemingly chaotic arrangement of black particles suddenly coalesce into a highly organized graphic image. The title is a reference to this event and to the perceptual shift that needs to occur amongst the American people, in order for a genuine change to take place in the role our government plays in our private lives."

Visit Michael Murphy's website for more info.

via [CrossConnectMag]