Atelier Yokyok Installs a Colorful Structure of Thread Within a Gothic Cloister Garden

As part of the Festival Juin Jardins Cahors 2015 , Paris-based Atelier YokYok created "Les Voûtes Filantes", a temporary installation within the 16th-century Gothic-style cloister at St Stephen's Cathedral in Cahors, south-west France. Designed in collaboration with metal sculptor Ulysse Lacoste and Laure Micarré. the threaded structure is divided into four pathways, linked with blue-hued woven strings culminating in a circular central point. "The colourful woven structure performs with light and mystery, revealing a light, dematerialized architecture," said Atelier Yokyok.

Visit Atelier YokYok's website for more info.

via [Dezeen]