Dirt Pattern Material: A Camouflage Shirt Made from Everyday Stains Such as Blood, Grass and Wine

The brainchild of Stockholm-based multidisciplinary creative studio Mair / Wennel, "Dirt Pattern Material" is a camouflage pattern made from a selection of the most common stains from everyday life, such as blood, grass, red wine and bike oil. The disruptive coloration allows for new stains to be incorporated, continuing the design process and evolving the pattern over time. "Looking at stains, normally considered ugly or bad, we found something beautiful. Instead of hiding the stains, we added more." Mair / Wenner told Shopikon, "It's like a detergent commercial played backwards, the pattern conceals your past while celebrating the wear and tear."

 Visit MairWennel's website for more info.

via [Design You Trust] via [Shopikon]