Food Artists Create a Chandelier Made of Gherkins Wired Together to Produce Light

Sam Bompas and Harry Parr call themselves specialists in flavor-based experience design, culinary research, architectural installations and contemporary food design. Their most recent project "GherkinChandelier", explores the use of any pickled foods, for improvised food-based light features. The chandelier which was created with the help of with an electrical engineer, contains over 50 gherkins wired in parallel and draws enough power to light an entire street. "We always knew there was scientific magic contained within the humble pickle,” says Sam Bompas, “Everyone is pickling right now, and we were interested in pushing it to the extreme. We knew the time had come to create the world’s first gherkin chandelier.”

Visit Bompas & Parr's website for more info.

via [Everlasting Blort] via [Nowness]