Stunning Digitally Altered Photos Imagine a Mechanical Wasteland of Abandoned Vehicles

New Zealand artist PJ Paterson’s digitally altered photographic images depict apocalyptic landscapes covered with wrecked cars and abandoned bicycles as far as the eye can see. The series, ironically titled "Glory", highlights society’s wilful ignorance of the price of rapid growth and unbridled consumption. at the end-point of our consumerism. “I’m not really trying to convey a message or a belief of mine, but it is amazing just how much stuff we make and buy and throwaway." Paterson explains, "There’s a kind of beauty to it, like there is with images of derelict buildings. There’s something cool about it, they look amazing even though it’s someone’s hurt. There’s kind of a voyeurism to it rather than being right in it.”

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via [Nevver] via [L'oeil]

Images © PJ Paterson