Fascinating Photo Series Documents the Legend of the Moss Men of Bejar

Corpus Christi is a popular festivity celebrated in villages all over Spain. One of the most amazing ways of celebrating this day in the town of Bejar, Spain, is the procession of the men of moss (hombres de musgo in Spanish), where a group of men and women walk the streets covered from head to toes with moss. Art director Gem Fletcher and photographer David Vintiner, decided to investigate this strange tradition, documenting the laborious process of wrapping five men and one woman in heavy layers of moss. ” It sounds something like a cruel punishment, but in fact being chosen as one of the Hombres is a huge honour." Gem explains, “Rumour has it that they are selected because they have prayed for something which has then become a reality.”

 Visit David Vintiner's website and Gem Fletcher's website for more info.

via [It's Nice That]