Head of Goliath: A Large Public Sculpture Made From New York City’s Debris

Nicolas Holiber is a Brooklyn based artist whose mixed media sculptures are primarily made from found wood. His latest project titled "Head of Goliath", is a four-foot-tall, ten-foot-long, public sculpture on display in Tribeca Park, made from New York City’s debris, specifically reclaimed wood from shipping pallets and other found materials. Holiber says: “People come to New York to be the underdog and beat whatever obstacle is in front of them. The head of Goliath was David’s trophy and I hope viewers will find inspiration in this piece and think about what Head of Goliath, as a symbol, means to them. For myself and many friends of mine, New York is the Goliath."

Visit Nicolas Holiber's website for more info.

via [Gothamist]