Marketing Agency Creates Tiny Road Signs to Help Protect Animals in Urban Areas

“Tiny Road Sign” is a small project created by Lithuania marketing agency Clinic212, to help protect small animals living in urban areas. Project manager Martynas Karpovicius installed tiny road signs in four different locations in the town of Vilnius, Lithuania, to protect birds, hedgehogs, ducks and homeless cats. The idea came to Karpovicius while he was riding home in a cab at night.
“I saw a hedgehog passing through the street and it was so dark that the taxi driver barely saw hedgie,” he told The Huffington Post. “ So I decided to make a road sign in Vingis Park, [a famous] park in Vilnius.”

Visit Clinic 212's website for more info.

via [Huffpost]

Images via Greta GedminaitÄ—