Dazzling Long Exposure Photographs Of Carnival Rides in Full Motion

From now until August 22nd, the Joseph Bellows Gallery is presenting an exhibit titled "Carnival: Photographs by Roger Vail", featuring extraordinary, large-scale photographs of carnival rides shot at night with long exposure times. The resulting images capture the kaleidoscopic light play seen only through an extended moment that photography permits. "There was no initial inspiration, just an experiment." Vail says, "I went to a carnival to shoot the facades. While there I decided to see what would happen it I made a time exposure of the ferris wheel in question. First sight of the negative was thrilling so I decided to make more. Most of the fun was in not knowing what the end result would look like. "

 via [This Isn't Happiness]  via [artblart.com]

Images courtesy of  the Joseph Bellows Gallery.