Marian Bantjes Creates a Beautiful Poster Using Dirt and Sand Collected from Around the World

Each year, Alliance Graphique International (AGI) proposes a “special project” for its members to contribute to. This year internationally known artist, designer and typographer Marian Bantjes created a beautiful poster titled "Coexistence" using dirt and sand she has collected from around the world. The dirt comes from South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, New Mexico, California and various other places "Everyone who has seen this mentions the Tibetan sand paintings." Bantjes says, "I'm not that practiced and my sand is lumpy and uneven...and I can't say I had Tibet in mind when I made this. The poster is not glued down and of course when finished and photographed it will be gone."

Visit Marian Bantjes' website for more info.

via [Quipsologies]