Photographic Portraits of Found Chairs and the People Who Look Like Them

Inspired by a white chair with a broken arm that he saw in San Francisco, photographer Horia Manolache, has created an incredible series of portraits titled ""If Chairs Were Human", which feature chairs shown as people. Manolache started the project by photographing a number of found chairs of different styles. He then studied the photos and tried to imagine what each chair would look like as a person. He explains, "I did the portraits of the chairs first and when I felt I had enough to tell my story I began printing them. I looked at each print and I began to write the kind of person they inspired me. It was like the creation of a character for a movie, a process that I think I enjoyed most in constructing this series."

 Visit Horia Manolache's website for more info.

via [Fubiz]