PUTPUT Fills a Greenhouse with Exotic Succulents and Cacti Made from Everyday Objects

Swiss/Danish duo PUTPUT (previously), recently completed work on a new installation titled "Fruitless", at Lust and the Apple Gallery in Temple, Scotland. Situated in a greenhouse, in the garden of the gallery space, PUTPUT filled the space with everyday objects such as hair brushes, badminton birdies, fly swatters and other household cleaning paraphernalia planted into soil-filled pots. Stefan Friedli and Ulrik Martin Larsen explain, "From a distance, the greenhouse looks like it’s filled with exotic succulents and cacti, but on closer inspection a different story unravels, and we hope it causes people to look twice. in a way, it’s a tribute to unnoticed everyday objects — products that lead a quiet and practical existence without the fame or glory of ‘design’ objects."

via [Designboom]

Photos by Chris Scott
video courtesy of arts-news