The Bristol Whales: A Temporary Art Installation Made of Willow and Upcycled Plastic Bottles

Designed and built by Cod Steaks, initiated by Artists Project Earth and funded by Arts Council England, "The Bristol Whales" is a spectacular art installation depicting two life size whales made from willow swimming through an ‘ocean’ of 70,000 plastic bottles. The project captures the magnificence of ocean life, and the increasing human threats facing it. Sue Lipscombe, Managing Director of Cod Steaks, says: "Using the correct materials was of paramount importance. We harnessed the natural beauty of willow and sympathetically meshed it with graceful rolling plastic bottle waves, to create a simple yet impactful message. What's more, we have made a pledge that every plastic bottle used in the sculpture will be recycled."

Find out more about the project here.

via [Creative Boom]