Ella & Pitr Paint the World's Largest Mural for Nuart Street Art Festival in Norway

Backed by an army of volunteers, French artists Ella & Pitr (previously) have worked at lightning-quick pace to complete the world’s largest outdoor mural. Created for the 2015 edition of the Nuart Street Art Festival in Norway, the 21,000 square meter mural covers the vast majority of Block Berge Bygg’s large roof on the outskirts of Stavanger. "Lilith and Olaf" depicts a woman curled up on the rooftop with a small figure falling from her fingers. The figure is King Olaf I of Norway, who ruled the country from 995-1000. The finished mural is now visible from planes flying into and out of Sola airport. Control tower staff, pilots and aircraft crew at Sola have already been informed and have begun altering their routes to give passengers the best possible sight of Rogaland's new international landmark.

Visit Ella & Pitr's website for more info.

via [Nag on the Lake] Via [Curbed National]