Overflow: A Large Scale Installation Made out of Plastic Objects Bursting out of Shipping Containers

As part of the 2015 Passages Insolites (Unusual Passages) event in Quebec City’s Old Port, artist José Luis Torres has created "Overflows", a public art piece made up of plastic objects like kayaks, buckets, toys and trash bins, bursting out of shipping containers in an explosion of colors. The work with its vivid colors is quickly perceived as seducing and playful, however, Torres’ installation is intended to question the effects of unbridled consumerism , specifically our over-consumption of plastic. Speaking about his work Torres says, "My body of works, which are mainly in the form of sculpture, are essentially motivated by the possibility of diverting the senses and simple manipulation to everyday objects and recycled materials from our domestic environments."

Visit José Luis Torres' website for more info.

via [Designboom