Guerilla Artist Transforms Strangers' Cars into Pimped Out Rides Using Cardboard and Tape

Walking through the streets at night armed with a few pieces of cardboard and masking tape, Amsterdam-based creative Max Siedentopf creates dramatic makeovers transforming strangers cars into pimped out rides. Siedentopf usually works quickly sticking on his custom-made fenders and wings when everyone is asleep, leaving the pimped ride for the owners to find the next morning. Talking to Vice UK the 24-year-old creative explained: "Individuality, self-expression and status are more important than ever these days. But for some reason you see that things as ordinary as cars are getting personalised less and less, while it could be a strange but great form of self-expression. I thought I'd do people a favour by giving them a custom-made supercar."

 Visit Max Siedentopf's website for more info.

via [Vice]